3 Tips to Save on Your Energy Bill...

It may be a little crisp right now in Louisiana, but one thing is guaranteed: Spring and summer are coming around the corner.. And that means the return of the AC. Want to save some money with a few lifestyle changes? NOW is the perfect time to prepare. Check out these three easy ways to cut down on your costs and your carbon footprint.

1. Address any “energy leeches” in your home

Many people believe that electronics/appliances stop using power when they aren’t being used. These items may actually continue to drain power as long as they are plugged. These “energy leeches,” aka, these plugged-in electronics - which may be anything from phone chargers to microwaves to coffee pots - can use substantial amounts of power, which adds to your electric bill. A quick fix that prevents you from having to run around plugging and unplugging appliances all day is to plug these electronics into a surge protector or an outlet connected to a wall switch. When the switch is turned off, there is no power for the electronics to drain, even if they remain plugged in.


2. Change your laundry habits

For most of us, our laundry habits can change as the seasons do. While the cooler temperatures of the winter months encourage the use of heat in both washer and dryer, the warmth of the summer invites a change. Try using cold water in the washer - it uses less energy than warm water and is a major step to cutting down that high electric bill. If you are able, you could deem your dryer unnecessary. Take advantage of the sun and warm temperatures and hang your laundry outside where it will dry just as well, if a bit slower. Just don’t forget to unplug your dryer - it’s an energy leech.

3. Switch out your light bulbs - it’s time

Standard light bulbs are a thing of the past. Have you tried replacing them with Compact Fluorescents or LEDs?  These bulbs are so much more efficient and have a significantly longer lifespan. They also emit less heat energy than traditional light bulbs, which can be an added bonus in the summertime. Studies show that each compact fluorescent bulb can save you up to $50 over the course of its life, and you will find yourself needing to replace them less often.

There are a ton of ways you can make simple changes, resulting in lower energy costs for your family, but these were our top 3 for this season. Research now, so that you may save more later! 

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