4 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Showing

A seller's dream is to sell their house as soon as they list it for sale! 
The probability of receiving offers quickly after listing your home will increase significantly if you put in some time and effort to prepare it for showings.
Let's face it - it may be more challenging to sell your house the longer it stays on the market, so we need to make sure that we do whatever it takes to sell your home fast!

Here at The Williams Team, we will give you 4 tips to help you achieve just that! We will both prepare you and your home for this important transition in your life.

1.) Detach yourself from your home

Let's get the most challenging step out of the way!

To understand what buyers are looking for and what their potential concerns may be, it's crucial to be able to emotionally detach yourself from the house when preparing it for sale.

You should consider depersonalizing your home in mind in addition to cleaning and decluttering. If you want to sell your home, you want the buyer to fall in love with it and envision themselves residing there and storing their possessions there. If your home is completely decorated with personal touches, that can be difficult.

Remove memorabilia, religious symbols, diplomas, certificates, collections of CDs and DVDs, souvenirs, family photos, and other artifacts to neutralize the area. You don’t want buyers to miss out on key features of your home because they’re distracted by your belongings.

2.) Decluttering is Key!

You would want to have your house look as large as possible, so decluttering should be your main concern!

You'll surprise yourself with the stuff that you bring to your house after a couple of years. Items are kept for multiple reasons, such as emotional attachment, plans to repair or reuse them, or the desire to give them to others. But for many things, you probably don't need them if you haven't used them in over a year! So start taking them out (or start to give them away) to get that extra space away now.

When not in use, you can tuck away household items in small boxes that you can store in a closet. Think about this procedure as an effective way to begin packing.

Also, making your rooms appear as roomy as possible will help since large kitchens, baths, and storage spaces sometimes serve as major selling elements. It is recommended by expert home stagers that you eliminate 50% of your possessions.

3.) Get that Curb Appeal going!

If a buyer won't even get out of their agent's car because the exterior of your home turns them off, a potential transaction is instantly gone!

A buyer’s first impression instantly happens when they pull up in front of your house. The appearance of your home’s exterior can increase your home’s value up to 1/5th of its original price!
Stage your exterior by keeping your yard clean. Mow the grass, trim bushes, and freshen your mulch!
Plant flowers in your front yard or in pots on your front porch to add color.
Consider adding seasonal accents like a wreath or Christmas lighting during the winter.

You can never go wrong by hiring a professional stager! Investing in one would elevate your chances of a great first impression, thus bringing your house to the closing table faster.

4.) Get Repairs Done!

You might think that leaving out minor repairs would be okay for your future buyers, but it's the worst thing that you can do!

Patch any holes in the walls and replace any broken floor or countertops. Repair broken doors, leaky faucets, squeaky kitchen drawers, and leaky faucets. Particularly if your walls are now bright pink or purple, think about painting them a neutral hue. Don't make it possible for potential buyers to remember your house as "the one with the yellow bathroom." 

Replace burned-out light bulbs and think about replacing old lights as well. Avoid the possibility of a busted light (or even an exploding one!) at the time of showing!

Final thoughts:

Once you're done with all of this, take a moment to stand at each room's doorway and picture how a potential buyer might see it. Examine the furniture's placement, then rearrange items as necessary to give the space a pleasing appearance. Ensure that window coverings hang straight.

You may start staging your home once you've cleaned, mended, and arranged everything. If you think you still need expert advice after that, don't hesitate to visit our website or send us a reply and we will help you sell your house in no time!

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