5 Exciting Things to Do During Thanksgiving

Although the food on Thanksgiving always takes center stage, there are so many things that you need to fill in before (and after) the meal.

Thanksgiving comes with new and often reunited faces collected around the festive season, especially when your loved ones have joined you to celebrate this event.

Don’t ever think that Thanksgiving is just a one-time event, and breaking the wishbone would be enough for the whole family to be entertained. You will have to get some entertaining activities in to get everyone engaged as you all share the pumpkin pie and the turkey!

Here at The Williams Team, we will give you our 5 best things that you should be doing this Thanksgiving!

1.) Add A Personal Touch to Thanksgiving

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is currently one of the most well-known holiday traditions in the country. Even while it's entertaining to watch this parade with the family and anticipate the return of Louisiana's "Celebration Gator" this year, it's also going to be amazing if you have outdoor and indoor offline activities lined up for the day to make things more enjoyable and intimate for everyone.

Catch up on your loved ones. Gather around with everyone and mention the things that you are grateful for this year. You can even turn this into a game! (Here’s a great idea for you to get started).  Aside from this, you can also create thanksgiving-themed events and fun activities that everyone can look forward to. You can also host a thanksgiving Bingo, a thanksgiving-themed Pictionary, or even a mini-pumpkin hunt for the kids to get excited!

2.) Get Physical!

Nothing beats a great meal after an awesome workout...But you don’t have to necessarily to go the gym or run a marathon during Thanksgiving! Play light outdoor games with your peers and family for a friendly match of basketball or touch football, or even join in on a “Turkey trot” to get that good pre-meal run before you dig in! Even helping out in the kitchen (especially if you got that cooking talent) would get you fired up and would perfectly set your appetite in once the big dinner is all served up. 

3.)Watch that special!

This amazing holiday season would not go unnoticed by the entire media, so jump back, relax, and tune in to that special Holiday Basketball/Football games, parades, and specials to help you get into the Thanksgiving mood! You can also binge-watch movies and special thanksgiving specials (if your squad is more into that thing!) 

4.) Get Creative

Nothing would be better than being creative on Thanksgiving. Get out those pumpkins and branches, leaves, and other fall decorations that you have, and make a cornucopia out of it! Create Wool Pumpkins out of leftover fabric and dried twigs, a fall bouquet out of flowers in your backyard, cool and traditional Fall Wreaths, or even help in making thanksgiving cookies and other desserts and turn that into a piece of art as well!


5.) Prepare for Black Friday!

There isn't much time to consider what you truly want to buy after Thanksgiving since you immediately go on to two of the busiest shopping days of the year! Make a list of Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) items to buy in advance for your friends and family so you may take advantage of the sales without buying things you don't actually need. Set your budget and check prices. Bookmark those items, add them to your online shopping cart and get ready to have fun!

Thanksgiving indeed is a fun holiday, and while the food should be the main attraction, it doesn't hurt to have some added fun! Remember that major brands and companies will continue to excite you on Friday, just as they will on Thanksgiving. So hold on tight, enjoy every moment, and have fun - you deserve it!

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