Back-to-School Series : 3 Tips To Get Your Kid's Sleep Back On Track

It's back to school season again!

After weeks of letting your kids sleep in and stay up late, it is now again your responsibility to help them back on a rigid schedule to get them prepared for the upcoming school year.

But how can you get them back to a good sleep schedule?

This article (Which will be part of our back-to-school blog mini series) will show you how to get your kids back on a routine that will help them welcome the new school year with lots of energy and enthusiasm!

1.) Slowly move the kids' bedtime and wake-up time earlier each day

You should start this one out as early as possible!

Around 2-3 weeks before school starts, try moving their bedtime and wake up time to around 10-30 minutes earlier every day.

It's always easier to adjust to a gradual change. This is due to the fact that slow change is generally easier to implement for kids compared to big, sweeping adjustments.

It's also better for your kid's sleeping patterns to slowly make changes, as too big of a swing in the said routine can leave them lying wide awake in the night, or make them feel too drowsy in the morning.

2.) Create the perfect sleeping environment

You need to set up a bedroom that's cool, quiet, and dimly lit.  Make sure to block every light that enters the room while also keeping a clear path to the bathroom for your kids.

Make sure to manage noise inside the room as well. If you are living next to busy roads or construction sites, it is a good investment to buy white noise machines to help in undisturbed sleep, but only do this as a last resort as we would like to ideally keep electronic devices on your kids' bedroom to a minimum during sleep time.

Also, keep screens out of the bedroom. You should block or remove any sources of white and blue light. Tables, phones, and screens can disrupt sleep patterns and can make for a miserable morning.

3.) Establish a good bedtime routine

You will have to create a relaxing bedtime routine at least an hour before bedtime. Cut back on activities and give them time to wind down.

Create a relaxing bedtime routine and keep it consistent every night.

It could be soft music, books, or some cuddle time!  - Whatever works for you and your loved ones.

Getting your kids back on track with their sleep schedule sure sounds like a lot of homework, but it will make your kids ready to face the school bright-eyed, and well rested!

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