Buyers: Be Prepared in Today's Market


  1. TO AVOID FRUSTRATION AND FEELINGS OF BEING OVERWHELMED. Talking to a real estate agent, can help you prepare by learning how the process works, what the timelines are that you can expect, costs involved and this will help alleviate a lot of the frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed throughout the process.

PRO TIP: Get off those home search websites and meet with a real estate before finding your new home.

2.UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF THE MARKET AND WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT. House hunting in a seller’s market is a totally different ballgame than in a buyer’s market and that’s the reality we are facing currently. Understanding what homes are currently selling for, if they are selling for over asking price, how much competition there is and how quickly you may want to make an offer is very important to know before you start your search.

3.HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS ABOUT THE PROCESS. This goes hand in hand with 1 & 2 listed above. Buying a house, in real life, looks a lot different than what you see on HGTV or Million Dollar Listing. You don’t normally look at 3 homes and magically choose the perfect one… then… BOOM in half an hour you’re a homeowner. There are a lot of steps to get you to the closing table. 

Understanding how everything works will give you realistic expectations about how long the process may take. This is going to help set you up for success! We are here to guide you through all of it and it all starts with a phone call. No contracts, no paperwork, just a conversation, so give us a call or contact us here to set up a time to chat. 

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