Getting Over the House That Got Away

It happens more often that you'd think... that dreaded call letting buyers know that sellers didn't accept their offer. They didn't "win" the house of their dreams. 
Sometimes they already know.
Sometimes they cry.
Sometimes they get angry.
To be honest, we feel all the feels right along side of them.
A lot of people say our buyers agents double as "therapists" and they say this for a reason. 
You found the one.
You wrote the offer.
You started a pinterest board with all your decorating ideas. 
But the sellers rejected your offer. How do you get over missing out on the house you thought was yours? 
We know, we know... it sounds so cliche. It simply was not meant to be. WE know this is really difficult to hear but we promise it's true. Here's a stat for you: it 100000% just WAS NOT MEANT TO BE. 
Did you know that for every buyer that has missed out on one, they actually ended up glad that they did. Believe it or not, every time, like clockwork, they find a more perfect house for themselves, a true home.
So what can you do in the moment? 
Know that you made the best offer you could. 
Know that there WILL be another house for you.
Keep looking. We will not stop until we find the actual ONE. Many times, when a buyer misses out on a home, the ONE is not far behind. Now, you know what you're looking for and you won't hesitate when it's time to make a move.
You're making smart real estate decisions. If you offered higher or waived a major contingency, you may have regretted it. 
We always say - take what you learned through this experience and apply it to your next offer. 
Have you hit the pause button on your house hunting journey because of the competition? DM US! Let's talk about it. 


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