Online Estimates vs. Reality

Real talk: Have you ever invited a website over for coffee or given them a tour of your home? 

Us neither! Here's what we want you to understand about relying on online home evaluations vs. a real-life home evaluation. Your home's online estimate doesn't necessarily equal the value of your home. 

  • They don't see those gorgeous hardwood floors you refinished.
  • They don't know the last time you replaced the roof.
  • They have not taken a shower in your newly remodeled bathroom.
  • They haven't had wine while sitting at your oversized kitchen island you just had installed.
  • They didn't smell the fresh flowers provided by your newly done landscaping.
Instead of looking for an online estimate to tell you how much equity you can cash out of your current home, you should consider those a guesstimated because they have never been inside your home, don't know the area you live in and have never walked around your yard.
If you are looking for the real deal. A real home valuation, make sure you work with an experienced and trusted real estate agent. They should be local and able to tour your home and be able to give you a more accurate number. 
On the flip side, if you're looking at online sites that haven't been set up by your trusted agent, you could be getting misinformation that is oftentimes way off base and outdated.
In this fast paced sellers market we are in currently, if you're relying on finding your house online on your own, you're going to be too late! Instead, we suggest getting set up on a custom home search that is tied in to our local MLS so you're the first to know when that new, perfect house hits the market vs. waiting for it to populate on the sites you're searching. 
The moral of the story is this: Replace your online research with a Realtor you can trust! 

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