Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Agent

Top Questions to Ask When Interviewing An Agent

Typically, we always suggest interviewing 2 or 3 agents before making a firm decision on who you’d like to represent your listing. Here are a few questions you may want to consider asking while interviewing agents.

Will I get updates on my real estate activity? Communication is key and we suggest always keeping that in mind when you interview your agent. Here at The Williams Team, we pride ourselves in great communication. We will provide a service that offers a text, email and call (or whichever you prefer) when your property is shown. You will be informed on feedback on the showings and we will communicate what we see trending to help your home showcase better.

How many search engines/websites will my listing appear on? The good news is, when you choose a Keller Williams agent, you are picking a brokerage that services 3-4 times more than most other agencies. Nine out of ten people start their home search online, and this solidifies the importance of having your home out there when people are searching.

How many homes have you sold in the last year? The average agent in the greater New Orleans area, only sells 6-8 homes a year. Make sure you are finding an agent that will market your home full time and sells many homes a year, which will help you be more confident in their ability to move your home quickly because they have put in the time and have proven fruit of their efforts. Here at The Williams Team, our record proves that we sell upwards of 200 homes a year.

What are the average days on market for your listings? All markets are local, so it is crucial that you understand what is the average days on market for your specific area. Then, you can compare the agency’s average days on market to see how it applies. The reason this is important is because of carrying costs and the shorter time your home is on market, the quicker you can get it sold and get out of the carrying costs associated with the maintenance, utilities and mortgage.

Can you provide me with a written, step by step marketing campaign? So many listing agents put a sign in the yard, list your home on the multiple list system and then just prays that it sells. At The Williams Team, we pay a full time marketing director that goes above and beyond what the average agent does to sell your home. She monitors social media, stays ahead of the curve on marketing trends and makes sure you home is put in front of as many people as possible.

Are you a full time or part time agent? It is imperative that in today’s market, you hire someone who will be aggressive in selling your property. This may or may not be  your uncle, your buddy down the street, etc… so you really need to do your due diligence in deciding how you want to go about marketing and selling your home. Always hire from a business perspective on who is most qualified. In the real estate world, only about 10% of the agents out there are doing 90% of the business. So, choose wisely who you want to align with.

Here at The Williams Team, we will go above and beyond to help you market your home. Give us a call, we would love an interview. To find this and more questions answered, find us on instagram tv and look for Louis’ video about interviewing agents!

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