Top 4 Food Hacks to make your Back-To-School Season Stress-Free

It's always a good feeling to not rush - especially when it comes to preparing food for your family.

And because of the summer season, you may have become accustomed to having more time to prepare meals. Your kids sleeping in and waking up late almost everyday sure helped out a lot!

Unfortunately, all good things(or breaks!) must come to an end.

With the school season coming up, you will need to be accustomed to waking up earlier to prepare quality meals for everyone. But having a lot of school matters to deal with on the side would make this sound almost impossible!

..or would it?

In this second article of our back-to-school mini blog series, we will give you 4 Food Hacks to give you a healthy alternative - without the time pressure!

With these hacks, you will never have to worry about ordering in at last minute!

1.) Prepare your "Lunch and Breakfast Menu" for the week.

Making your weekends count might be the best food-related decision that you can make all week! Dedicating 1-2 hours of setting up your "menu" for the week is going to benefit you and your kids to ensure that you are on top of what food do they eat. Its time to check on those cooking magazines by the cabinet and watch recipes online and on YouTube. It's also the perfect time to go back to those saved recipes that you have on your Facebook ,Instagram Reels, and Tiktok!

Once everything has been in place, it would make your grocery list look more accurate! Also, by letting your kids be involved with the planning, they'll be sure to be super helpful to you during grocery shopping!

2.) Don't Overdo It

Most parents automatically abhor the idea of meal prepping the weekend before , thinking that they will have to cook so much! There's also this constant worry about wasting food when the unexpected eat out happens within the week.

Meal preparation doesn't mean meal cooking! Its about setting the staples ready for a quick and efficient cooking when needed. That includes preparing your greens to be roasted and your meats ready to be cooked at moments notice. If you also include grains in your diet, preparing them in advance will be easy and practical!

For more tips on how to do this for you, check out these links that we have for you below:

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3.) Make Them Smile

Nothing in this world would mean more to your kids than sending them your love on the way! Preparing encouraging notes to go with their lunch boxes or creating fun-shaped sandwiches, eggs or fruits will surely put a smile in their faces when they open their lunch boxes!

Another great way to make them smile even before they leave the house is to have them help with making their lunches and snacks. You can either guide them while you pack their lunches or have a selection ready for them to pick. You can have a wide array of selection from yogurts and granola bars, to washed fruits and veggies! Your kids will most likely look forward to their lunch breaks, knowing that they have helped with setting it up!

4.) Be a weeknight dinner maestro!

Now that you have taken care of their breakfast and lunch, daily dinners are a drag if not prepared in advance. This might ruin the healthy plans that you have set for the family all week! Make sure to learn great dinner foods that can be served without hassle. Also use your free time within the day to prepare parts of the dinner itself (which includes freezing soups, sauces, or curries that you made and cooking time consuming meat ahead of time)

Here are a couple of recipes that you can use to help out with your planning !

Five School Night Dinners That’ll Make The Whole Family Happy


Now that your family is looking forward to a brand new school week (thanks to your efforts, no less!) , you can have a lot of stress-free time for yourself . The Williams Team will help you out with that next week with our final article for our back to school season. It is going to be all about caring for yourself in preparation of the end of the summer break.

Stay tuned!

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