Vacation Proof Your Home

So… you pack your bags, and you’re ready to go. 
BUT FIRST, have you properly secured your home?⁠
Here are a few ways to Vacay-Proof Your Home so you can truly relax while you're away. Our goal is to help you plan ahead so you come home to a perfectly peaceful home.
-Lock up. This means ALL your doors and windows are locked and secure.
-Set your alarm security system. We also suggest contact alarm company letting them know you're be away from the home⁠.
⁠-Tell a trusted neighbor you’ll be gone. Ask them to stop in every other day to make sure nothing is leaking or out of place.⁠
⁠-Unplug TV's, computers, lamps, appliances, and whatever else that may be affected in case of a power surge.⁠
⁠-Speaking of unplugging, fight the urge to share vacay pics on social media in real time. This is a cue that no one is home, so it’s best to wait until you’re back to post all the photos! ⁠
⁠-Keep on your outdoor lights on and a random light inside.⁠ This gives the appearance of someone being there.
⁠-Secure your valuables. We suggest placing them in a safe deposit box or leave with a trusted friend or family member.⁠
⁠-Temporarily stop all mail and newspaper deliveries until you return. If any packages arrive while you're gone, ask a neighbor to grab them until you're back!⁠
HAVE A GREAT TIME and relax and know you will return to a home glad to have you back!⁠
What would you add to the list? ⭐️

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